The World's first - PROVINOL    



Range of use

Operation manual



Operation manual - that's the way it operates!

Choice of blades (2): 26 mm diameter for all thin surfaces up to 3 mm
  40 mm diameter for all surfaces thicker than 3 mm
A. Changing the blade
  • Remove screw (1) and distance plates (2)
  • Turn blade (3) 180 or replace blade and reassemble
B. Adjust cutting width
  • Remove screw (1) and distance plates (2)
  • Place blade (3) between the selected distance plates (2) and reassemble. You have 22 choices between 0 - 27 mm

C. Adjust cutting depth (infinitely
     variable up to 13 mm)
  • Release screw (2)
  • Adjust blade position by turning wheel (4) and check blade depth with a ruler
  • Fasten screw (1)
  • Blade storage space (5)
  • Please hold PROVINOL by gripping the soft touch material areas and then push firmly in the required direction using the heel of your palm

E. Fixing edges together
  • Before starting to cut, fix edges together with double-sided tape to avoid material moving out of place

F. Cutting with PROVINOL
  • Start away from the wall
  • Line up the PROVINOL guidance edge with the seam

G. Cut the first 20 cm by pushing

H. Continue cutting pushing forwards
     until the opposite wall is reached

I - J. Turn PROVINOL 90 to cut the remaining distance



K. Please work safely and take care!
  • PROVINOL blades are extremely sharp!
  • Please retract blade into the PROVINOL body after use!
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